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Smartcard driver for the Simputer

Smartcard driver for the simputer is a driver for the Philips TDA8008 smartcard controller. It uses the ALPAR protocol to communicate with the controller. The controller supports ISO7816-4 complaint cards following the T=0 and T=1 protocol. Drivers are available for Linux/x86 (for use with the smartcard development board) and for Linux/arm (for use with the simputer).

The Smartcard driver for the Linux/x86, uses the serial port to communicate with the development board. In the case of the arm platform, the driver uses a kernel module to communicate with the controller. This is because a polling serial driver is used rather than the default interrupt-mode serial driver in Linux. Currently, the smartcards that have been tested include BULL-CP8, Schlumberger Payflex and Philips DS Personalization cards.

Smartcard driver is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Linux/x86 version (source and binaries): smartcard_x86-0.3.tar.gz

Linux/arm version (source and binaries): smartcard_arm-0.3.tar.gz

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Vivek K S (
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