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IMLI: The IML browser

IMLI is an abbreviation for IML interface. IML stands for Information Markup Language, which is based on XML, the specification of IML is available at The purpose of IMLI is to provide a simple and consistent interface for displaying information and developing applications that are simple, easy to use, user friendly (to the extent that even illiterate people are able to use it). IMLI supports display of Indian languages, and is also integrated with a speech-synthesis system, that is capable of synthesizing voice in Indian languages. The speech synthesis system is distributed separately. IMLI is also designed to be network transparent. It uses a protocol called ITP (IML transport protocol)

Download IMLI 1.1 (source and examples)
Download IMLI 1.0 (source and examples)

People involved:

V. Vinay, Coordinator (
Vivek K S (
Swami Manohar (
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