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Tapatap: cool character composition

Tapatap is a method for generating keystrokes to be sent to another applications, for devices, where a keyboard is absent. This program is being used in the Simputer. (http://www.simputer.org)

Tapatap uses a 3x3 grid for recognizing characters. Each character of the English alphabet can be generated by "tapping" on the cells of the 3x3 grid in a particular sequence. The figure generated by connecting the "tapped" points, roughly resembles the way the character is written. Tapatap starts of in "letter" mode; it can be changed to go into "number" mode by clicking on the button at the top. This brings up the numeric telephone style keypad, for number entry. Clicking again on the button at the top, brings it back to the "letter" mode.

Tapatap distribution (tar.gz)

People involved:

V Vinay (vinay@csa.iisc.ernet.in)
Vivek K S (ksvivek@csa.iisc.ernet.in)