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Information Markup Language (IML) 0.8 Specification


This specification defines the Information Markup Language or IML. IML is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) application for describing the content and applications handled by a Simputer. The goal of IML is to enable handheld computers, (that have limitations in the display size and input capabilities), to access and render content from the Internet.

This specification of the markup language IML, is intended primarily for a readership consisting of those who will be developing and implementing renderers or editors for communication, using IML as a protocol for input or output. This is not a User's Guide but rather a reference document.

Status of this document

This document has been written by the principal authors who are also the editors at this moment. This specification is under construction.

Table of contents
  • DTD for IML will be available soon.

Principal Writers/Editors:
V. Vinay, Coordinator (
Swami Manohar (

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L N Venkataraman (

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