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You can Help

There are several ways by which individuals and organizations can help the Simputer project.

  1. Financial: The Simputer has been unique in that it has been unfettered by any commitments given to any funding agency, simply because there hasn't been any funding agency. The flexibility and academic freedom offered by the Indian Institute of Science, the visionary and bold attitude of the Board of Encore Software Ltd., the time of the seven trustees and creative use of available resources are all factors in bringing the Simputer project to this stage. The entire IPR of the Simputer project has been vested with the Simputer Trust by the two institutions concerned: Encore Software and Indian Institute of Science.

    It will certainly be a surprise for most to learn that as of today (May 7th, 2001) the Simputer Trust does not have a bank account! (we are in the process of creating one). Obviously, this state of affairs cannot continue for too long. The Trust plans to raise resources to further the Simputer project by the following means:

    • license fees for Simputerised and Simputer manufacturing licenses
    • Grants, donations, and gifts from diverse organizations and individuals

    Immediate requirements for funding: To take the Simputer to the next step, the Trust needs to build about 100 Simputers and make them available for field trials in areas where the Simputer can have an impact. We estimate that at these very low volumes, the cost per Simputer -- including application development -- to be about US $500. We are now looking towards individuals such as yourself to contribute to the proliferation of Simputers.

    If you wish to contribute financially to the Simputer project, please get in touch with us for payment details.

  2. Development: There has been a huge number of mails expressing interest in contributing to the growing Simputer effort. We have setup a mailing list for Simputer Development related efforts.
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The Simputer Trust is a registered non-profit trust with the broad goal of harnessing the potential of Information Technology for the benefit of the weaker sections of society.

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